I BEGAN MY CAREER AS AN ESCROW OFFICER. I THEN became a professional photographer for 25 years. Huh? So what am I doing selling essential oils? Well, when you find an amazing product you just can't help but share its bounties. Wanting a natural support for my body, I was introduced to Essential Oils; specifically frankincense oil. (Please connect with me personally for more details of my story.) Well, I was hooked and became an "oiler". When people kept asking me what I was doing because I looked so great, I discovered what a great business opportunity this could be. There are a growing number of products claiming to be or containing essential oils. They range in price and quality and are found in skin care, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and other products. However, many of these products do not use 100% pure essential oils and often use fragrant synthetic chemical substitutes to dilute or replace more expensive essential oil extracts. Furthermore, there are no current regulatory standards for the descriptive use of the "therapeutic grade" for products labeled as essential oils. Only Pure Therapeutic Grade oils help support the body for health benefits.